Inotir® orodispersible
4 August 2017


Food supplement based on magnesium and α-lipoic acid, Vitamins and Selenium.

Product included in the Register of supplements of the Ministry of Health, number 30899.

Product information:
All the components in Semel® contribute to a product that has marked antioxidant characteristics and neurovascular trophics.
Semel® offers itself as a coadjuvant in situations demanding an increase of its components, situations such as oxidative stress caused by an increase in free radicals.
Its use is recommended to control contractile activity of the uterus, this control owing its great effectiveness to the combined (and synergistic) action of magnesium and lipoic acid, Vitamins and Selenium.
The product has also proven itself to be particularly suited for use as non-pharmacological prophylaxis in contractile activity of the uterus potentially caused by pre-birth diagnostic procedures such as CVS, amniocentesis and funicolocentesis.
Semel® may be used on its own, in combination with or following treatment using painkilling and / or anti-inflammatory drugs.
Like all magnesium-based compounds, it is effective in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome.

Recommended use

1 tablet a day

Packaging: Package containing 30 tablets of 1170 mg each

Gluten free

Lactose free