Magnesium supplement in pregnancy-induced hypertension. A clinicopathological study.

Magnesium in Prevention and Therapy.
4 agosto 2017
22 settembre 2017

Magnesium supplement in pregnancy-induced hypertension. A clinicopathological study.

Rudnicki M, Junge J, Frølich A, Ornvold K, Fischer-Rasmussen W.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The placenta and the umbilical cord obtained from 18 women with pregnancy-induced hypertension were investigated by light microscopy. The umbilical artery was studied by electron microscopy. 10 placentae and umbilical cords from normal pregnancies served as controls. The study was performed as a double-blind randomized controlled study in which 11 women were allocated to magnesium and 7 to placebo treatment. The treatment comprised a 48-hour intravenous magnesium/placebo infusion followed by daily oral magnesium/placebo intake until one day after delivery. Magnesium supplement increased birth weight and placental weight significantly. Light microscopic study of the placentae and the umbilical cord arteries showed no difference between the three groups concerning the occurrence of infarctions, cytotrophoblastic hyperplasia, vasculo-syncytial membranes, basement membrane thickening, stromal fibrosis or intervillous fibrin.

Ultrastructurally, the endothelial cells of the umbilical arteries from women with pregnancy-induced hypertension showed a significant increase in the amount of dilated endoplasmic reticulum and basal laminae thickness when all 18 cases were compared with the controls. There was no significant difference when the magnesium group, the placebo group and the control group were compared separately. The present study suggests that magnesium supplement has a beneficial effect on fetal growth in pregnancy-induced hypertension. With regard to the light and electron microscopic changes we were unable to demonstrate any significant difference between the magnesium, placebo and control groups.

PMID: 2282207 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]